AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 1.1 Keeping healthy part 1- Diet and exercise

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  • Keeping Health- Diet and exercise
    • Food provides the body with energy and materials for growth and repair.
      • CARBS- (sugars/ starches) provide the body with energy
      • PROTEINS- used for growth and repair
        • Muscles, enzymes and hormones are made from proteins
      • FATS- provide energy. Any excess fat is stored under the skin for insulation.
      • VITAMINS AND MINERALS- are needed in small amounts
      • If the body does not recieve the correct type of each nutrient, they will become malnourished
        • Person may become under or over weight
        • May lead to defiency diseases e.g Scurvy
        • May lead to conditions e.g Type 2 diabetes
    • Factors affecting the metabolic rate (the rate at which all the chemical reactions in the body take place)
      • Age
      • Amount of physical activity one preforms
      • Genes
        • Cholesterol- a fatty substance found in the blood, is affected by diet and genes. It is an essential part of the diet but too much can lead to blocked arteries and heart disease
          • HDL's- carry cholesterol from body cells to liver where they are removed
          • LDL's- caerry cholesterol from liver to body cells, which increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood and builds up in arteries
      • Fat to muscle ratio
    • People who exercise regualrly are healthier than ones who don't


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