kashmir earthquake

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  • kashmir earthquake 2005
    • causes
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        • came to 7.6 on the richter scale.
    • primary effects
      • 73,000 deaths in pakistan
      • many of the children were at shchool because it was a saturday morning.
      • 2.8 million people homless
    • secondary effects
      • lack of food and clean water means more deaths with 120,000 people at risk.
        • secondary land slides expected
    • response
      • International aid brings tents, medical supplies and other supplies needed.
    • primary effects.
      • 73,000 deaths.
      • most of the children died because they were at school- saturday normal school day.
      • 2.8 million homeless
    • secondary effects.
      • landslides epected
      • lack of food and clean water means that 120,000 people are at risk.
    • response
      • international aid brings tents, medications, and other important aid by helicopter.




Did a large spider diagram, but it hasnt seem to have saved, sorry!

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