GCSE Geography AQA Kashmir Earthquake Case Study

LEDC earthquake case study

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  • Kashmir Earthquake
    • Effects
      • Secondary Effects
        • People died of cold during the harsh winter
        • Broken sewage pipes contaminated water supplies and spread disease
      • Primary Effects
        • Landslides
        • 79 000 deaths
        • Large cracks appeared in the ground
        • Buildings collapsed
    • Responses
      • Short Term Responses
        • Tents were given out by charities
        • Aid workers arrived to help find survivors and treat the injured
        • Army and emergency services joined rescue efforts
      • Long Term Responses
        • Building regulations were improved
        • School and hospitals rebuilt
    • Background Information
      • 79 000 deaths
      • October 8th 2005
      • Eurasian and Indian plates collided
      • 7.6 on Richter scale
    • High Death Rate
      • Month of Ramadan
        • Didn't have time to escape
        • Nap after pre-dawn meal
      • Children were at school as it was a saturday
        • Buried under collapsed buildings


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