Karl Marx

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  • Karl Marx
    • Mode of production: how people produce things they need to live
      • social relations of production
      • Means of production
    • Material conception of history: humans need to produce things in order to survive
    • Marxist
      • Conflict theory
    • Capitalism
      • This system  was very different to previously existing forms of production
      • Proletariat work for R/C for cheap wages. have no power/status
      • Industrial capitalism had the capacity to produce enormous amounts of goods that could be sold at a vast profit to huge numbers of people
      • Bourgeoisie own + profit from production. have power and control
      • Those who owned the means of production (mines + factories) became a new capitalist ruling class with power and control
    • Communism + left wing
      • Equality
      • No social class
    • He argued: conflict was unavoidable to create a more equal society


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