kariba dam paper 2

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  • Kariba dam top down development
    • work began in 1957
      • using money from the Zambian and Zimbabwe government
        • and help received from the UK.
    • built for HEP production and water storage
    • positives
      • dam generates 40% of electricity in the area.
      • water stored provides irrigation for farmland near choma.
      • lake harvest,near Kariba, is the largest tilapia fish farm in Africa.
    • negatives
      • 57000 tonga people displaced by dam. Dam was cursed and broke whilst being built.
      • Water in dam weighs 180 billion tons and has caused earthquakes in the area.
      • plunge pool is undercutting dam. If it broke, 3.5 million lives would be at risk and a tsunami of water would reach Mozambique in hours.


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