Kant's theory on abortion

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  • Kant's theory and abortion
    • 1724-1804
      • around utilitarianism
        • He's a rationalist
    • Deontological- concerned with actions
      • The rightness and wrongness of the action
    • Morality is 'categorical imperatice'
      • Morality is something you must do
        • Categorical: I must not tell lies
          • (Something you must do)
    • The only thing which is goodis 'good will'
      • This is a sense of duty, we must do the right thing.
        • He believed all rational beings must behave morally
    • Categorical imperative:
      • 1. One should act in such a way that one could will it that one's action should become a universal law
      • 2. One should always act in such a way as to treat fellow beings as an end in themselves and not a means to achieving an end


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