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  • Kant
    • Categorical Imperative
      • using humans as a means to an end
      • universability
      • Kingdom of Ends
    • 3 Postulates of Practical Reason
      • Freedom
      • God
        • summum bonum achieved in afterlife
          • Freedom
      • Immortality
        • summum bonum achieved in afterlife
      • Strengths
        • straight forward
        • clear criteria
        • treats everyone fairly
        • Gives humans intrinsic worth and dignity
        • moral value comes from action itself
      • Deontological absolute ethical theory based on reason
      • moral statements are a priori synthetic
      • Dualist
      • similar to ideas of Descartes and Leibniz
      • Weaknesses
        • abstract so not easy to apply
        • deontology is not flexible, sometimes we have to lie
        • doesnt look at consequence of actions
        • duties can conflict
      • duty to others is more important than your own inclinations


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