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  • Kant
    • Duty
      • acting morally regardless of consequence
      • if we are free to make our own decisions then we can work out what is right and wrong
      • it is our duty to know what the right thing to do is at all times
    • Categorical imperative
      • kingdom of ends- would you do it in the kingdom of ends
      • universality- could everyone get away with doing it
      • people shouldn't be used as a means to an end
      • you should consider these before you make a moral decision
    • hypothetical imperative
      • IF
      • they work best for small life decisions like buses
      • categorical imperative is best for making moral decisions
    • Three postulates
      • freedom- we need freedom to make our decisions
      • god- someone needs to watch over everything
      • Immortality- because were selfless when making moral decisions, we need a guarantee of an after life
      • another set of guidelines


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