kamikaze and the emigree comparison

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  • comparing kamikaze and the emigree
    • Both poems are about outcasts: a shunned father in Kamikaze and an exile in The Émigrée.
    • Both poems use unrhymed stanzas with no strict metric pattern to suggest everyday speech.
    • Both poems mention colour and shade eg 'green-blue translucent' and 'dark shoals' in Kamikaze and 'sunlight-clear', 'every coloured molecule' and in The Émigrée, vivid imagery.
    • kamikaze uses a combination third-person narrative and first-person narrative whereas the emigree uses first-person narrative only.
    • they both use enjambment to give a sense of someone telling a story.
    • Kamikaze does not use  metaphors/ similes very much, (‘like bunting’ and ‘tuna, the dark prince’). The emigree makes much greater use of metaphor (‘the bright filled paperweight’, ‘sick with tyrants’, ‘branded … by sunlight’, ‘time rolls its tanks’.
  • similarities
  • differences




While these may just be notes, its not hard to mention that this is just a quick few notes from BBC Bitesize GCSE's own response to the question.

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