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  • Kamikaze
    • Beatrice Garland
      • lives in London
      • works for the NHS
        • listened to a lot of peoples stories which she used as inspiration for her poetry
      • does poetry in spare time
    • Structure & Form
      • mostly third person using reported speech of the pilot's daughter
        • shows distance between pilot and daughter
        • absence of pilots voice shows he's been cut off
          • we never hear his real reasons
        • italics show the daughters voice
      • regular stanzas
        • show regulated society and propaganda
      • enjambment and quick pace symbolise his mindset. he has to make a quick decision
      • decreasing sentance length at end show his life came to nothing
    • Nature
      • the fishes "bellies swivelled towards the sun"
        • sibilance
          • reflects smooth movement of fish in water
      • "pearl grey" and "silver"
        • make nature sound precious
    • patriotism slash national identity
      • propaganda
        • he "embarked" of his journey "full of powerful incantations"
          • suggests he was under a kind of spell
            • shows the propaganda kamikazes were exposed to
              • if die for their country would be a great honour
                • National identity was important especially during times of war ... WW2
              • he has the chance to fly "into history"
        • he has the chance to fly "into history"
      • reaction to his return
        • "And though he never came back my mother never spoke again in his presence"
          • daughter speaks with more factual and less descriptive tone
            • hints add her pain and empathy for him
          • they do this because he failed his duty to his nation
            • his family's patriotism was very strong
        • irony


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