Juvenile Offenders

Displaying the several areas of study when considering juvenile offenders and the relationship between delinquency and criminality.

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  • Juvenile Offenders
    • Crimogenic Factors in Childhood (risks/causes of juvenile delinquency)
      • Antecedents:
      • Risks
      • Multiplicative tendencuy factors that increase risk of delinquency
      • Buffering Effects that reduce risk
      • Characteristics predicting child criminality
    • Continuity of childhood and adult anti-social behaviour
      • Factors Associated with youthful & adult criminality
      • Similar precursors between CCD and ASPD
      • Major Predictors of ASPD
      • Haapasalo & Tremblay Kindergarten Study (1994)
    • Social interventions to reduce delinquency
      • Trends in interventions
      • Currently-offending interventions
      • Intervening in cases of recidivism
    • Young Sex Offenders
      • Predictors of early sexual offending
      • McCory et al., 2008 hypothesis
      • Early onset of sexually harmful behaviours linked to:
      • Explanations for adolescent sex offending
    • Factors predictive of Delinquency
      • Farrington's (1998) 4 major methods of crime prevention
      • Bender, Bliesener & Losel (1996) adolescent study
    • Scientific Explanations for anti-social behaviour in childhood
      • Moral Resasoning Development
      • Bullying & Victimisation
      • Lack of Parental Control
    • Lifespan Development & Criminal Careers
      • Dahle 1999
      • Facts on key features in development of criminality


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