just war theory

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    • the Iraq war
      • 20th march 2003-18th December 2011 ( 8 years 8 months
      • an invasion of Iraq to overthrow  the Baath party governm  ent and execute Saddam Hussain
      • resulted in the rise of al -quieda
      • involvement - usa, uk, australia , poland ,peshmergra, baathist iraq.
      • was it a just war?
        • iraq  was said to have big weapons - unfair odds and danger
        • us gov  decided to create the war
        • intention was to avoid the use of mass weapons which could kill millions
        • there were fears of nuclear war
      • practical and realistic
      • encourages ethical thinking
      • relevant for secular and religious
      • clear and precise principles
      • takes into account teachings religion
      • not everyone is willing to follow it e.g. terrorists
      • war is too complicated to be applied to one set of rules
      • the theory is too open and canoe taken advantage of
    • principles of a just war
      • a country has the right to defend
      • discussed by the proper authority
      • equal chance of success
      • last resort
      • avoid killing civilians
      • intentions of restoring peace
      • appropriate force to the cause
    • st. Augustine
      • jus ad bellum
        • the consequences of war are considered before its started
      • jus post bellum
        • ensuring justice after the war has ended
      • jus in bellum
        • conduct required during the war for it to be considered just


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