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  • Jury
    • Selection 'Criminal Justice Act 2003'
      • Over 18
      • Resident in the UK for at least 5 years since the age of 13
      • On the electoral register
      • Juries Act 1974: In past you have to own a property.
    • Function
      • Dual role: Claimant won case/damages claimant must pay
      • Decide if accused is guilty/must reach unanimous verdict or majority verdict (11-1 or 10-2)
      • Split function - Jury decide guilt/innocence and Judge decides points of law.
    • Jury Courts
      • Crown Court: TEW+indictable cases (12)
      • High Court/County Court (8)
      • Coroners Court if death in prison, police custody, health+safety or work place (Industrial work place) (7-11)
    • Banned from Jury
      • Disqualification
        • Life sentence or been in prison for last 10 years means banned from jury for 10 years
      • Right to be excused
        • Armed forces, being part of jury makes AF less efficient
      • Mentally disordered
        • Resident in hospital or institution suffering from mental disorder (criticism)
      • Discretionary excusals
        • Pregnant/ill people or business appointments
      • Lack of capacity
        • Blind people (Unable to see pictures)/lack of english/deaf people (Extra person in jury)
      • Lawyers, police officers
        • Not allowed until 2003.




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