Jury Qualifications

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  • Jury Qualifications
    • People Who Must Serve
      • 18-75 years old
      • Resident of Britain for at least 5 years since your 13th birthday
      • Need to be on Electoral Register
      • Lawyers, judges and police officers must serve unless they know the police or prosectution
    • People Who Cannot Serve
      • Disqualified if in prison for more than 5 years
      • Must wait 10 years having completed 5 years in prison
      • Cannot serve if on bail or awaiting trial
      • Potential bias if serving after being convicted
      • Ineligible Groups
        • Mentally Disordered
        • Blind or Deaf
        • Poor understanding of English
    • People Who May Not Have To Serve
      • Members of the Armed Forces
        • Need evidence from commanding officer
      • Excused by a judge
        • Over 65
        • Already served a difficult case
        • Already served several times
      • They have fulfilled their duties so they can be excused
      • Deferrals
        • Personal Circumstances, Holiday, Pregnancy, Doctors and Nurses, Exams


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