Juliet - character

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  • Juliet
    • Falls in love at first fight but is more patient than Romeo
      • coy - she doesn't encourage him or discourage him
        • "you kiss by th'book"
          • average - he's only read about them
          • perfect 'textbook' example
          • teasing
    • Decisive
      • "thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow"
        • She is young but she knows what she wants
      • Immature
        • On edge waiting for word from Romeo
          • Increases the excitement of the play - everything is happening quickly
    • Extremely close to the Nurse
      • playful way of talking to each other
        • Contrasts the formal way she addresses her parents
          • Disobeys her parents
            • Allowed to go by herself to Friar Lawrence for 'confession'
              • Actually gets married - uses her freedom
    • Perceptive
      • works out that Romeo was defending himself from Tybalt
        • "villain cousin would have killed my husband"
        • At first her feelings are conflicting before she works out the full story
          • "dove-feathered raven"
    • Desperate
      • "I beseech you on my knees"
        • she begs her father
          • Lost her sense of independance
            • Seems more childish and obedient now
      • Intelligent
        • Doesn't want to marry Paris but appears polite
          • Barely hides her true feelings - tension
            • "I will confess to you that I love him"
              • Paris thinks she means him but actually she loves Romeo
                • Avoids a straight answer - thinks quickly
      • Suicidal - depression
        • "this bloody knife"
          • She understands that her plan to lie in her tomb with her cousin's rotting body is horrifying
            • "shrieks like mandrakes"
              • Gruesome language reminds the audience about the plan





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