Julien Macdonald

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  • Julien Macdonald
    • Born March the 19th 1971 in Wales
    • He has appeared as judge on the television programme, Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model.
    • He was named "British Fashion Designer of the Year" in 2001.
      • On the 15th of March he was assigned to be the head designer at 'Givenchy'
    • He studied textiles at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture,  Brighton, England.
      • He then became a student at the Royal College of Art, where he gained a master's degree.
    • Macdonald was recruited by Karl Lagerfeld to work for Chanel, a role that was accompanied by freelance work creating knitwear for Alexander McQueen
    • In 2000, Macdonald was appointed to the position of chief designer at the Paris Haute Couture house of Givenchy
      • On the 15th of March he was assigned to be the head designer at 'Givenchy'
    • He redesigned the British Airways flight attendant uniform in 2001
    • He attracted much criticism for his extensive use of fur, including one incident in which he and Paris Hilton were flour-bombed
      • In February 2007, Macdonald was again criticised for the prominent use of fur in his autumn collection, causing further outrage
        • In 2017, MacDonald apologized for his previous use of fur, telling Reuters, "You do not need to kill animals to wear nice clothes."
    • Macdonald's dresses have been worn by celebrities including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid


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