A mindmap create about important things to know about Judaism that we did at the start of the whole course before we'd learnt anything :)

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  • Judasim
    • Synagogul
    • Torah
      • first five books of the OLD Testament
      • read from right to left
      • written in Hebrew
      • not allowed to touch it
    • Written 'G-d' not God
    • Name for G-d is Yahweh
      • Written 'G-d' not God
    • Holy day = Shabbat: Fri evening - Sat evening
    • Jews have been persecuted throughout their hisory
      • c.6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust
    • Founded
      • by Moses; history back to Abraham
      • 1500BCE
    • Two main branches
      • Orthodox
      • Reform
    • Around 13 million Jews today
    • c.6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust


Miss KHP


Nice and simple mind map on Judaism

Useful for anyone studying Judaism as part of their examination course.

Once you have read this information, test yourself on here to check your progress.


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