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  • Judaism
    • 'Founder' is Moses
      • Judaism looks up to the Patriarchs
      • Ten Commandments
    • Jews believe they were descended from Abraham  via Israel/Jacob
    • an ethnic group- you cannot convert to Judaism unless your mother was Jewish- because you can be sure she is your mother
    • The Halakah- 'walk'
    • Follow the Law- mostly found in Leviticus
      • Sabbath- during which they cannot do housework or homework, cook, read, or even bathe! SATURDAY
    • Montheistic
    • The Jewish God is so holy  you cannot say his name
      • In Exodus he tells Moses it is YHWH- which cannot be pronounced
        • These are special letters- Tetragrammaton
        • Some people add vowels to make Yaweh or Jehova
        • When jews read it they say Adonai
    • Circumcision
    • Kosher & Trayf
    • Torah
      • Rabbis
      • Jerusalem


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