Judaism: Sources of Wisdom & Authority

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  • Judaism: Sources of wisdom & authority
    • The Shekinah
      • Kabbalah (collection of teachings)
        • develops idea of female shekinah
        • important to groups such as Orthodox and Hasidic Jews
      • Orthodox Jews
        • may be more hostile to the idea as it undermines the unity of G-d
      • Reform Jews
        • embrace idea of shekinah and its femininity
    • The Covenant at Sinai
      • All Jews
        • it is important
    • The Messiah
      • Hasidic Jews
        • the coming of the messiah is imminent
          • the messiah will come by 2240
      • Reform Jews
        • It is a metaphor for tikkun olam
    • The Promised Land
      • Zionism
        • founded by Theodor Herzl
      • Hasidic Jews
        • Do not believe that aliyah is necessary yet as the messiah has not come
    • Mitzvot
      • Orthodox Jews
        • observe most or all of the mitzvot
      • Hasidic Jews
        • observe all mitzvot
    • The Sanctity of Life
      • abortion
        • foetus is considered living after 40 days (90 says for female)
      • euthanasia
        • Orthodox Jews: unacceptable
        • Reform Jews: compassionate to end their life if they are suffering
      • human vs non-human lives
        • some animals are sentient
    • Life After Death
      • Reform Jews
        • do not believe in Gan Eden, Sheol & Gehennah
      • Orthodox
        • believe in bodily resurrection
          • practice inhumation
      • Rabbis
        • humans do not have the capacity to understand future plans for humanity
      • Nahmonides
        • resurrection of the body
      • Moses Mendelsohn
        • references to resurrection in the halakhah are metaphors for the immortality of the soul
      • Pharisees vs Sadducees
        • Pharisees
          • supported bodily resurrection
        • Sadducees
          • rejected bodily resurrection
            • not mentioned in the Torah
  • Maimonides
    • "I believe in perfect faith in the coming of the messiah"
    • the messianic age will be an era of peace and harmony with no need to work or produce food
    • immortality of the soul


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