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  • Judaism
    • Key Words
      • Sin- a deliberate immoral action breaking a religious law
      • Justice- fairness, where everyone has equal provisions and opportunities
      • Crime- to grant pardon for a wrong doing.
      • Free Will- the ability to make choices voluntary and independently
      • Punishment- a given penalty for a crime or wrong doing.
      • Morality- principal and standards determining which which actions are right or wrong.
      • Suffering- pain or distress caused by injury, illness or loss.
      • Reconciliation- repairing a relationship after a falling out.
      • Torah- the Jewish holy book.
      • Mitzvot- commandments or religious duty.
      • Messiah- anointed one or saviour of the Jewish people.
      • Covenant- an agreement or contract, often refers to the one between God and Abraham.
      • The Shema- the declaration of faith in one God. a Jew has the duty to say the Shema in the morning and night.
      • reverence- deep respect and owe
      • Shekinah- God's presence in the world, she is the female aspect of God, she dwells with the family during Passover.
    • Messiah
      • He is believed to be an ancient belief and a leader not a savior. There's speculations about when he will come and the bible identifies several tasks he is going to complete. Jews don't believe in Jesus because he didn't accomplish these tasks. belief in the Messiah is one of the 13 principles of faith.
      • Reform Jews believe that we no- longer need a messiah as humans can accomplish their own goals. and they also believe that the messiah no- longer makes sense in modern age.
      • Quotes: 'The offspring of your servant David may you speedily cause to flourish and enhance his pride through your salvation, for we hope for your salvation all day long. blessed are you, Hashem, who causes the pride of salvation to flourish.' [Amidah] ' He is our God,He is our Father, he is our King he is our savour. [the pray they say weekly on shabbat]
    • key notes
      • Covenant- god promised Abraham land(known as ' the promised land') which was promised to the descentants of abraham. god promised to make a great nation of him, this is why he changed his name from Abram to Abraham.
      • Pikuach Nefesh: it is the responsibility to save a life, no matter what, because life is sacred. many jews believe that God created life and so only he can take it.
      • Malzot: rules for jews to follow for example to know there is a god, to lone him, to love other jews, not to bear a grugde, men must not wear womens clothing and to not perform acts of magic.
      • Orthodox Jews: they are the largest branch fo judiasm in britain and they believe that God gave the Torah at the mount sinai and jews must follow it.
      • Reform jews: they belive jewish practices have to be harmonised with modern society.
      • Jews believe that: god is creator this might have been influenced by the Torah as the begining describes how God created the world.
      • Jews believe thta God is judge as he teches that god is both justice and mercy.
      • worship in the home: They have a mezuzah outside rooms to remind them to live by the words of God.they pray 3 times a day. They say blessing other everything they eat. Brit milah and sim chat bat can take place in the home. Mother is in charge of teaching the duaghter how to run the home. the weekly celebration shabbat ussualy takes place in te home.
      • They write G-D Instead of god to show reverence.


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