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  • Judaism
    • Key info!
      • Synagogue= Place of worship.  Neui' im= Second part of bible. Ketuvim= Third part of bible ( contains sacred wirtings!) Torah= First 5 books in the bible. Tenakh= Name of Hebrew bible. Covenant= Agreement between God and Jewish people. Prophet= Messenger from God! Original name for Jews was Hebrews!
    • Abraham!
      • He was the first jew, more than 4,000 years ago. He's called the Father of Jewish People. Belonged to a group called the wandering called Hebrews. He believed there was only one God.
    • Noahide laws!
      • Why did God give Noah these laws?
        • Noah was a descendant of Abraham. He was a prophet so he spread the laws around the world. Noah trusted God and made a promise he would not doubt God.
      • What are the Noahide laws?
        • Do not deny God.
        • Do not Blaspheme God.
        • Do not Murder.
        • Do not engage in sexual relationships.
        • Do not steal.
        • Do not eat a live animal.
        • Establish Legal system to ensure law obedience
    • Exodus!
      • 8 key events in the story!
        • -Pharaoh wanted to kill all baby boys. -The princess finds moses (baby) in a basket.         -Moses sees slaves and gets angry, accidentally killing someone.       -Moses fled the country as he was a hebrew.        -Forever burning bush of fire (god) Said moses will lead Hebrews to safety.          -Pharaoh would not let slaves go, god turns into  staff to prove he's real.        -10 plagues     -Army goes after slaves but god close the parting of the red sea and army drowns.


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