Journey's End - Context

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  • Journey's End - Context
    • Alcohol
      • Army didn't like Sherriff's depiction of alcohol in the army
      • Didn't romanticise the effects of war so needed to show coping mechanisms
    • Sherriff
      • Play written in 1928
        • Set in Northern France in 1918
      • Was in the army
        • Almost died in 1917 - took a month to recover
      • Wrote play for Soldier's
        • Didn't romanticise because they had experienced it and could relate
    • Shell Shock
      • In 1917 first special hospital to treat shell shock created
      • Considered unmanly and cowardly
        • Seen as an excuse to leave war
        • Could lead to death by firing squad for cowardice
      • Initially often shocked or pain was inflicted to help them become more manly
      • 40 % of casualties occurred due to shellshock
        • Believed to be more as lower ranks were not reported
    • Trench Life
      • Summer = Flies
      • Winter = Wet
      • All year round = rat infestation
    • Censorship
      • Helped maintain moral
      • So enemy couldn't intercept and get info
      • Everything censored - Radio, tv, soldiers, letters, play etc
      • regimental officers censored soldier letters


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