Carbolic Acid

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  • Joseph Lister's use of Carbolic Acid
    • Surgeons still believed in speed
      • Lister's antiseptic methods slowed things down
      • Washing hands/ spraying tables wasted time
      • Still lots of blood loss
    • Aseptic Surgery
      • Operating theatres and hospitals vigorously cleaned
      • Instruments were steam sterilised
      • Rubber gloves, operating gowns and face masks worn
    • Soaked the operating theatre
      • Carbolic spray had a strong smell
      • It cracked surgeons skin
      • Made operations more expensive
      • Made operations difficult
    • Improvements
      • 1)  Carbolic handwashing
      • 2)  Carbolic spray - all over the operating theatre
      • 3)  Antiseptic ligatures
    • Hard to accept
      • Tiny miro-organisms  were hard to believe in
      • Jokes made about flying microbes
    • More ambitious operations
      • Appendix removal
      • First heart operation


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