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    • Frightening
      • "Besides, I don't like that wooden-legged man, wi' his ugly face and outlandish talk.
    • Self- Centered
      • Takes advantage of the fact that Major Sholto is in debt and that Tonga was loyal to him
        • "The Major was raving about his losses"
        • "When I found that he was devoted to me and would do anything to serve me, I saw my chance of escape."
    • Greedy
      • Is prepared to assist in murder for more money
      • He aknowledges at the end that his greed has brought him misfortune and misery
        • "To him it bbrought murder, to Major sholto it brought fear and guilt, and to me it has meant a lifetime of slavery"
    • Loyal
      • Always remains loyal to Abdulla Khan, Mahomet Singh and Dost kbar
        • "It has been the sign of the four with us always"


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