joint enterprise

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    • A joint enterprise occurs where A and P join together for the purpose of executing an offence.
  • 1. Plan executed as agreed: but unexpected consequences
    • 'where two persons emabark on a joint enterprise, each is liable for the acts done in pursuance of that joint enerprise, that includes liability for unusual consequences if they arise from the execution of the agreed joint enterprise but.. If one of the adventerurs goes beyong what has been tacitly agreed as part of the common enerprise, his co-adventerer is not liable for the consequences of that unauthorised act.. It is for the jury to decide whether what was done was part of the joint enerprise, or went beyond it... (Anderson and Morris
      • Baldessare             :  the accomplice of a joyrider was held jointly liabkle with his principal for manslaughter where the joyrider ended in the death of a pedestrian
    • unexpected results
  • withdrawal
    • O'Flaherty ' a person who unequivocally withdraws before the moment of actual commission of the crime by the principal offender should not be liable for that crimeàhard to identify what is meant by 'unequivocal withdrawal' 
      • AN EFFECTIVE withdrawal  'for any withdrawal to be effective, it must be voluntary, real and effective and communicated in some form of good time: Otway 
        • 1. The extent of A's involvement
          • Grundy:gave details about the layout,2 weeks before  told them he did not want the offence to take place, was enough to put the evidence in front of the jury             


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