The Crucible Characters: John Proctor

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  • John Proctor
    • An honest man who carries "great weight in the town"
    • Had an affair with Abigail- "a sinner" later rejects her "cut off hand..."
    • Damaged relationship with elizabeth, "not open"
    • Despite problems, he and Elizabeth have faith in each other, describe one another as "goodness"
    • dislikes Parris and doesn't attend church
    • Can get angry quickly
    • Values his reputation but would rather see Elizabeth live happily
    • A good man, he will not testify against others "like not to spoil their names"
    • easily makes enemies with his "sharp and biting way with hypocrites"
    • goes from being "in his prime" to "another man" in chains
    • tortured by his guilt and Elizabeth knows this- "magistrate in your heart"
    • Hale always thought he was telling the truth
    • brave enough to "fall like an ocean on that court"
    • stands up to the Putnam's and their "acreage"
    • dislikes authority, drawn to Abigail
    • He can be kind or violent, especially towars Mary
    • didn't think he would be good enough to die like a saint, but later refuses to give up his self respect


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