John Keats

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  • John Keats(1795-1821)
    • personal life
      • born moorfields, London
        • Father worked in swan and hoop in and stables
          • Dame school as infant
            • school in enfield 1803
          • father died 1804 after horse fall
            • 2 months later mother remarried- william rawlings
              • grandfather died and big family dispute started
                • mother dissapeared leving his grandmother to care for him
                  • when mother returned she was already ill and keates looked after her until she died in 1810
      • aprenticed to an apothecary
        • was encouraged to broaden his reading
        • finished apprenticeship in 1815
          • registered at guys hospital to complete his training
    • first published poem on solitude
      • appeared in Leigh Hunts Examiner-1816
      • in early 1817 he abandoned his medical career
      • first book of poems-Poems was published march 1815
        • failed to achieve recognition
          • Olliers published dissapointed with failure did not pursive with his work
            • Taylor and Hessey agreed to fund his work
              • he begun 'Endymion' an epic poem project(4000 line)
                • made trip to Isle of White- wrote sonnet to the sea
                  • working on epic moved to Margaret, Canterbury, then bo peep near oxford
                    • moved to devon and finished 'Endymion'
                      • published may 1818
                        • 'Endymion' was not a success
                          • 'the cockney school of poerty':'the phrenzy of the poems was bad enough in its way; but id did not alarm us half so seriously as the calm, settled, impertubable drivielling idiocy of endymion.'
                            • in the next few moths he wrote; the eve of st agnes, la belle dame sans merci and his great odes to melancholy, to a nightingake, to psyche and to a grechian urn, he also attemopted a second epic poem.
                              • in 1819 he met & fell in love with fanny brawn
                                • shortly afted he started to show signs of turberculosis
                                  • after overseeing the publication of his new book he left England for italy
                                    • arriving in Naples in 1820 he travels to rome
                                      • he died February 1821
                                        • he was burried with unopned letters from fanny brawn , a lock of her hair and a purse made by his siter
                                          • he head stone reads 'here lies one whose name was writ in water'


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