John Newlands

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  • John Newlands
    • Newlands arranged the known elements into a table in order of relative atomic mass
      • When he did this, he found that each element was similar to the element eight places further on
        • For example, starting at Li, Be is the second element, B is the third and Na is the eighth element
          • He named this the 'Law of Octaves'
    • Newlands' table showed a repeating or periodic pattern of properties, which is what scientists had been looking for
      • However his theory had many problems, for example, he put iron in the same group as oxygen and sulphur, which are two non-metals
        • Because of this, many scientists thought his ideas were ridiculous
    • When Newlands presented his ideas, scientists thought he was crazy. Professor Foster claimed he may as well have put them in alphabetical order


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