JOhn Locke

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  • John Locke
    • Quick facts
      • Born  August 29th 1632 in Wrington
      • Died 28th October 1704 in Essex
      • Educated at Westminster school at the Univeristy of Oxford
    • Was puritian as he had been raised that way by both of his parents
    • Education
      • Had an outstanding education because of his father's connections to the English government - he was a captain in the civil war
      • Was named Kings scholar, which was a huge privledge and allowed him to attend Christ Church Oxford
        • Christ Church was one of Oxford's most prestigious schools and he studied Logic, Metaphysics and Classical languages
        • Elected as a fellow of teh royal society and graduated with a bachelor's of medicine in 1647
    • Influence
      • Lord Ashley - Earl of Shaftsbury was a huge influence on Locke and Locke became his personal physician
      • In Locke's landmark, Two Treatises of Government, put forth his revolutionary ideas concerning the natural rights of man and the social contract.
        • Impacted the American and French revolutions and caused stirs in England
      • Exiled in Holland, Locke composed "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding," Which spanned four books and examinied the nature of human knowledge.


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