John Donne Context

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  • Donne Context
    • Early life
      • born in 1572 to a family of devout catholics
      • studied at Oxford Uni
        • wrote poems in Latin and English
      • travelled on the continent
      • joined Earl of Essex expedition to Cadiz Islands
    • Later life
      • Donne secretly married in 1601
        • he was imprisoned by her father
      • he was a member of parliament and a diplomat
      • he was a very successful priest
        • he became the Dean at St Paul's cathedral
      • post marriage his wealth was in tatters - he made his family around the country and Italy + France
    • The church
      • Reformation of the Catholic church
        • 1517
        • Protestants rejected degrees of sacramental nature of marriage
      • split from Catholicism to Protestantism
      • Sanctity of marriage
        • Henry VIII annulment for his marriage not granted therefore in need for reformation
    • Carnal Knowledge
      • laws controlled sex in the 16th century
        • religious upheavals tightened the regime and added punishments
      • demonstrates that sexual behaviour was strictly regulated
        • this was the case even before the reformation
          • saw illicit sex as a danger to public order
      • the court concerned itself with prostitution
        • also concerns around pre- and extra-marital sex


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