Churchill and 1945 election

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  • Churchill and 1945 election
    • Labour landslide victory
      • Hugely popular Beveridge Report (5 giants) foundation of Labour manifesto
        • New Jerusalem. Atlee Slogan
      • Effective Labour Campaigning
        • Attacked Tories with:     -Pre 1930s  Conservative govt. had been mass unemployment + poverty.              -Appeasing Hitler.
    • Conservative one of the worst defeats
      • Pinned their whole campaign on Churchill
        • No clear sense of purpose or direction. Offered nothing like the Social reforms of Labour.
        • 'Gestapo'  PR blunder on live broadcast
          • More negative tactics in exploiting the Laski affair, where Laski tries to detach Atlee from Potsdam proceedings while Atlee is there.
    • 393 Labour seats won.


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