Nazi Germany - treatment of the Jews

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  • Jews
    • Ideas about the pure German race
      • Nazis believed that Germans were the Master Race and so they were better mentally and physically
      • The fact that they were the master race could only be protected by preventing the different races from mixing
    • Civil Service
      • In 1933 any person that was Jewish and worked for the Government lost their job
    • Boycott of shops
      • In 1933 the Nazis encouraged Germans not to use Jewish shops
      • They painted Juden (Jew) on the shop window and posted guards at the door of shops
    • Nuremberg laws
      • A law was passed which said that Jews were not allowed to marry or have sex with a pure German
        • Everyone had to carry identity papers so everybody knew who was German and who was Jewish
      • In addition Jews bacame non-persons
        • They were not German citizens and had no rights
    • Krystallnacht
      • In 1938 the SA attacked synagogues and Jewish businesses all over Germany
      • They arrested 30,000 Jewish men
    • Star of David
      • To make identification of Jews easier from 1940 they all had to wear the Star of David
    • Invasion of Eastern Europe
      • When the Nazis invaded other countries the number of Jews under German control went from 300,00 to millions
    • Ghettos
      • To make control of the Jews easier the Nazis rounded up the Jews and forced them into ghettos
        • The ghettos were hopelessly overcrowded and the food intake was just a few hundred calories a day
    • Wannsee conference
      • In 1942 Nazis realised that shooting the Jews was too inefficient
        • They decided to kill all the Jews in concentration camps by gassing them
    • Concentration Camps
      • A network of camps was built across Europe leading to the death camps
    • Death by gas
      • All the sick, elderly, children and mothers were gassed on arrival
        • Everyone else worked to their death at which point they were gassed
      • The gas chambers could hold up to 100 and everyone was dead in 15 minutes


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