Jewish Worship at home

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  • Jewish worship at home
    • After the temple and synagogues were destroyed. Jewish people needed a place to express their faith. This became the home.
    • Shabbat
      • This is celebrated weekly from sunset on a Friday till sunset on Saturday
      • It is the most important day of worship in the home
      • Many things will be prepared in advance like cooking and cleaning
      • Jews are prohibited from doing things like driving, handling money and using electrical ietms.
      • Families usually have a traditional meal containing challah, praying and studying the Torah
      • Comes from the ten commandments to keep the sabbath day holy
      • Benefits
        • Provides  family time
        • Gives people time to focus on faith and take a break from the modern world
      • Challenges
        • Can mean people have to leave work early
        • A lot of preparation is required
        • Some restrictions are problematic; not driving while having to get to a synagogue
    • The Shema
      • This is an important prayer said when they wake
      • This prayer recites the belief in one god


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