Main life stages: completed

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  • Main life stages
    • 5. Middle adulthood (46-65yrs): having more time to travel and take up hobbies as children may be leaving home; beginning of the ageing process
    • 2. Early childhood (3-8yrs): becoming increasingly independent, improving thought processes and learnign
    • 6. Later adulthood (65+): the ageing process continues, which may affect memory and mobility
    • 1. Infancy (0-2yrs): still dependent on parents but growing quickly and developing physical skills
    • 4. Early adulthood (19-45yrs): leaving home, making own choices about a career and may start a family
    • 3. Adolescence (9-18yrs): experiencing puberty, which brings physical and emotional changes
    • Key terms
      • Life stages - are distinct phases of life that each person passes through.
      • Characteristic - is something that is typical of people at a particular life stage


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