Jesus' Last Days

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  • Jesus' Last Days
    • The Last Supper
      • Final meal Jesus had with disciples on evening of arrest
      • Prepared disciples for when he would no longer be physically with them
      • Told them one would betray him and another would deny knowing him
      • Said Holy Spirit would come to help keep teachings alive
      • Holy Communion
        • Bread representing body
        • Blood representing wine
    • Good Friday
      • Jesus arrested in Garden of Gethsemane
        • Betrayed by Judas
      • Jesus found guilty of blasphemy
      • Pontius Pilate ordered Jesus to be whipped and crucified
      • A day of mourning
        • Ultimately had good consequences for humans
    • Resurrection
      • After death, Jesus rose again 3 days later
      • Significance
        • Proves Jesus was son of God - ability to overcome death
        • Confirms belief in trinity and omnipotent God
          • Only creator could resurrect life after death
        • Shows Jesus saviour
          • Has power to help those who believe in him overcome death
          • By forgiving sins, Jesus can grant them gift of eternal life with God
    • Promise of Holy Spirit
      • 40 days after resurrection Jesus ascended into heaven
        • Marks end of Jesus' life on earth as man
        • Completed everything God asked him to do & could return to heaven
        • Prepared way for Holy Spirit to come to earth
    • The Passion of Jesus
      • Many call the last days of Jesus the 'Passion of Jesus Christ'
      • These events reveal the meaning and purpose of Jesus' life and help them understand his role as man in the trinity


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