Jesus heals many

Jesus the miracle worker stories

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  • Jesus heals many
    • Demonstrates Jesus concern for women
      • Jesus broke social convention by helping this woman on the Sabbath.
        • The law stated no work should be done on the Sabbath, including helping the sick and needy.
          • Jessu wanted to be known for his teaching and not for his ability to perform miracles.
    • Immediately after Jesus cast the evil spirit out, he was taken to the house of Simon Peter
      • His mother-in-law was very sick with a fever. Jesus took her by the hand, helped her up and the fever left her.
        • Immediately she began to serve them-preparing food and drink. This showed the miraculous speed of the cure.
      • After the sun had set, the people of Capernaum brought their sick relatives to Jesus for healing.
        • He also cast out demons and ordered them to be silent concering his identity as Messiah


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