Jesus And Discipleship by Corneck G.

All you need to know regarding text 6 of Unit 4 of Edexcel's A Level Religious Studies course - "Jesus and Discipleship" by Corneck G. Not appeared previously on any exam and so could potentially appear in June 2017!

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  • "Jesus and Discipleship" Corneck G.
    • Summary
      • A disciple is anyone who follows Jesus, his teachings and examples.
      • The relationship between God and humans was broken at The Fall. We all have a God shaped hole as a result but some try to fill it with other things.
      • Corneck thinks that Jesus was the first true disciple.
      • To be a disciple, repentance has to occur; to accept God's love and give up all - much like religious authorities.
      • Prophesies in the Old Testament show signs of the Kingdom of God such as preaching and exorcism of demons.
      • When disciples face persecution, the Holy Spirit will be aid them.
      • Believers should live by loving each other reflecting how God loves them. This helps reverse The Fall which brought hostility and will provide redemption.
      • Prayer is essential for disciples so they can know God's will and love. This is important during times of persecution.
      • Witnesses need to spread the teachings of Jesus to others and "bear fruit" by saving souls.
    • Links to Unit 3
      • Disciples are part of the Kingdom of God as Jesus taught who it was for - shown through signs and wonders.
      • Purpose: Luke wrote to those already following Jesus in Rome or interested in knowing the truth. Discipleship is a key theme in Luke's Gospel. Universal salvation emphasis shows that all can respond to Jesus' message of salvation and become disciples - but they must choose to!
      • Conflict: Jesus' teachings to his disciples and crowds led to conflict with the religious authorities.
      • The disciples carry out the Great Commission given just before Ascension. Universal salvation shows how anyone can become a disciple.
    • Links to Other Units
      • Religious Experience: Witnesses of Jesus and discipleship include St. Paul and Nicky Cruz.
      • Divine Command Ethics shows how disciples should still follow God's laws and Jesus' teachings as they're always relevant.
      • Situation ethics shows how agape love should be shown by Jesus' disciples by putting others before themselves, showing themselves to be true followers of Jesus.
      • Evil and Suffering: The Fall shows when sin enters the world and how humans can be rid of it (Augustinian Theodicy).
      • Resurrection: Discipleship may require new spiritual birth.
    • Links to Religion and Human Experience
      • Jesus prayed for believers in the future and the Church and Christianity has continued to spread around the world.
      • Persecution during Roman and modern era. Jesus prophesied this would happen to followers, but that the Holy Spirit would help them to stay strong. Shown through Peter's upside down crucifixion and North Korean Christians being steam rolled over. Why die for a lie?
      • For John, there is only life after death for disciples, so Christians must be obedient to a loving relationship with God. Christianity numbers will increase as the number of people wishing to be saved grows as they embrace the truth.


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