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  • Jerusalem
    • Stage Directions
      • 'JOHNNY splits a log'
      • 'those dark satanic- Thumping music.'
      • 'Wesley  comes out of the house, with white powder all over his top lip.'
    • Johnny
      • "Look in my eyes... She starts to shake."
      • "What is he doing?"
      • "I ain't save the children."
      • "How sad would I have to be to sit and learn every question of every card"
      • "don't open any drawers or cupboards"
    • Ginger
      • "I was there. I saw it with my own eyes."
      • "Send me a text next time"
    • Troy
      • "Ain't changed much.. Expect the faces."
    • Davey
      • "I reckon she's been got by a werewolf."
    • Professor
      • "You're not in trouble, I hope, My Byron."
    • Pea
      • Ginger: "Don't you live on the New Estate?"
    • Wesley
      • "It's out of my hands."
    • Tanya
      • "I'll give you one for the road, mate"
    • Parsons
      • "I'll say this. It's a lovely spot."
    • Dawn
      • "Dawn comes over. Does a couple of lines."
    • Lee
      • "I've been very happy here."
      • "Johnny Byron. Wiltshire's Biggest Bullshitter."


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