Jeremiah 31

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  • Jeremiah 31 The New Covenant
    • Literature
      • Prophecy
    • Land
      • United land
      • Land will be blessed with wheat, oil and wine
      • Unified worship in Zion
    • Universal
      • Written on the hearts of all people
    • Unilateral
      • Yes, It was Gods loving free choice
    • Nature of God
      • Many references to Gods saving action of the Exodus
      • Intimate
        • Dries Rachel's eyes
        • Like 'a shepherd guarding his flock
    • Conditions
      • New idea of individual responsibility
        • own teeth will be set on edge...
    • Historicity
      • Babylonian Exile
        • 587/586 BC
  • In chapter 32 Jeremiah buys farm in the that the Babylonian's own. Shows Jeremiah's faith in Gods promise.


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