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  • Jenner
    • Achievements
      • Learned from famous surgeon, John Hunter-said to observe and experiment
        • Jenner did exactly this too discover vaccination
      • He published his book about this and gave evidence-experimented 23 times, observing and recording every detail
      • Milkmaids got a small dose of cowpox therefore protecting them from smallpox
    • Government
      • Parliament gave £30,000 to develop vaccinations-made compulsory in Britain later
    • Smallpox, so far
      • Inoculation was commonly used in China, Asia and Africa-spreading pus from smallpox into a cut of a healthy person and if they're lucky they catch a small dose and won't catch it again but otherwise a large dose killed
      • Lady Montagu got her daughters inoculated so the method rapidly became popular
      • Inoculation became a big business, making doctors rich even though there were many dangers involved
    • Individual Genius
      • Insight to link the diseases and determination despite opposition and critisism
    • Attitudes
      • Followed Hunter's advice, experimented and collected evidence.
    • Communications
      • Published, spreading details worldwide-USA and French armies vaccinated
    • BUT
      • Many people opposed vaccination
      • Jenner didn't know that germs cause disease
      • Other factors played a part in keeping people healthy eg.clean water
  • Followed Hunter's advice, experimented and collected evidence.


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