Jembatan Besi vs Northwood

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  • Jembatan Besi vs Northwood
    • Northwood
      • location
        • suburb of Irvine, Orange County, California
        • population of 21,000
      • housing
        • built in the 1960s
        • 2000 households
      • employment
        • average salary of $86,000 compared to average US salary of $52,000
        • The Univercity of California is biggest employer
        • tech companies big emploers: Blizzard Entertainment, Broadcom
        • TNC HQs of Madza, Kia and Toshiba
      • health
        • healthcare excellent
        • air pollution less severe than other parts of CA
      • demography
        • 50% white, next biggest ethnic group are Vietnamese
        • 68.5% of residents have a degree, 20% with doctorates/masters
        • crime rate 70% lower than national average
    • jembatan besi
      • sanitation
        • few homes have toilets, and those who do have sewage flush into rivers or street
        • disease outbreaks such as typhoid and cholera common
        • no clean running water  in the slum; no groundwater as it is built on rubbish tip
      • health
        • hot humid climate, and stagnant water make hepatitis A and malaria occur
        • nutrition poor due to poverty; rice dominated diet with  little protein,  fruit or veg
      • employment
        • Indonesia one of top 10 global textiles producers
        • average income is $4 a day - this is irregular however
        • employment mostly casual, although many young women work in the garment industry
        • young women taken out of school to work at home or in garments, creates poverty circle
      • housing
        • made by the residents: no planning, fire safety etc
        • urban authorities want to organise slums, but this is unpopular due to strong sense of community for inhabitants
          • many have lived here for generations
        • Jakarta Housing and Administrative Buildings Agency has identified 392 'community units' planned for improvement


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