Jekyll & Hyde - Theme of Horror

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  • Jekyll & Hyde Theme of Horror
    • End
      • "doggedly disregarding the question" + "glass of wine untasted on his knee"
        • Poole is to traumatised to speak, building up suspense and horror until the climax at the end
      • " 'There is something wrong.' "
        • Stevenson withholds information to the reader and Victorians did not talk about their feelings.  So if Poole is worried about something, then it must be bad.
    • Beginning
      • "trampled calmly over the child's body"
        • The adverb calmly suggest that Hyde doesn't care for what he is doing to the child beneath him.  Also the use of a child creates horror and links with the theme of innocence vs evil.
      • "Like some damned juggernaut"
        • Suggests that Hyde has supernatural strength (a required ingredient for Gothic Horror) suggesting that there is no containing Mr Hyde's fury
    • Middle
      • "Bones were audibly shattered"
        • It gives an idea on how powerful Hyde can be as shattering bones requires superhuman strength
      • "ape-like fury"
        • Shows that Mr Hyde has no control over himself, giving him an unpredictable nature.  Also suggest Hyde is a primitive man which taps into the fear of Victorian Brittian


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