English Literature: Jekyll and Hyde Quotes (Lanyon, Utterson, Jekyll, Hyde)

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    • Hyde
      • 'ape-like-fury'
      • 'shrank back with a hiss'
      • 'My devil had been long caged and he came our roaring.'
      • 'it said.'
      • 'On the 15th he tried again and was again refused.'
    • Jekyll
      • 'Dr Jekyll grew pale to the very lips and there came a blackness to his eye.'
      • 'I am very low Utterson.'
      • 'The drug is wanted bitter bad.'
      • 'He came out of his seclusion.'
      • 'The two hands are in many points identical;only differently sloped.'
    • Utterson
      • 'I let my brother go to the devil in his own way'
      • 'my shoulders are broad enough to bare the blame
      • 'Mr Utterson's nerves gave a jerk that nearly threw him off balance.'
      • 'professional honor and faith to his dead friend were stringent obligations.'
      • 'We shall never see more of Mr Hyde.'
    • Lanyon
      • 'compose yourself'
      • 'In something less than a fortnight, he was dead.'
      • 'services before I see the end.'
      • 'I thought you had a bond of common interest.'
      • 'At what he called my scientific heresies.'





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