Jekyll & Hyde - Mr Utterson

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  • Jekyll & Hyde - Mr Utterson
    • Detective
      • "If he be Mr Hyde ... I shall be Mr Seek"
        • Stevenson uses a pun to place Utterson in the role of a curious detective.  This makes the novella into the first detective fiction, before Sherlock.
      • "Forged for a murderer"
        • Utterson wrongly assumes that Jekyll is being blackmailed as he is his friend and would not assume that Jekyll has done anything wrong.  He continues to get wrong assumptions throughout the novella making him an unreliable narrator.
    • Stereotypical Gentleman
      • "Inclined to help rather than to reprove"
        • Shows t hat Utterson is polite and friendly, keeping to the expectations that Victorian society had on him.
        • Victorian gentlemen were expected to follow a set of rules dictating how they would interact socially.  They had to behave politely and fashionably in front of others.
      • "His affections, like ivy, were the growth of time"
        • Utterson builds up friendships slowly and indiscriminately.  The comparison to ivy suggest that he doesn't seek friends but he becomes attached to people who are around him for a long time.
    • Loyal Friend
      • "If ever I read Satan's signature upon a face, it is on that of your new friend!"
        • Utterson is protective over Jekyll as he believes that Hyde is evil because of his actions and appearance, which Victorians believed external appearance linked to the soul of a person.
      • "I make no doubt I can get you out of it"
        • Utterson is shown to be loyal to Jekyll, trying his best to rid of the problem that he sees, which is Mr Hyde.  Reinforces the facts that he would help rather than be judgemental.


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