Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Mr Hyde character development

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  • Jekyll & Hyde - Mr Hyde
    • End
      • 'it was always as Hyde that I awakened'
        • makes clear that Hyde is no longer released by a potion and can come out at anytime.  It creates tension as the 'good character' is loosing against the evil character.
      • 'double dose'
        • Shows that the potion is less and less to contain Hyde.  Exactly the sort of thing that the Victorian audience would worry about.
    • Beginning
      • 'Trampled calmly'
        • The world calmly shows how he has no emotion.  Trampled adds to this as it makes him sound more like an animal than a person
      • 'Really like Satan'
        • This simile clearly links Mr Hyde with the devil.  Victorians were very religious and this supports the idea that Hyde is a monster.
    • Middle
      • 'ape-like fury'
        • Shows that he has lost control through anger and the metaphor makes the reader see Mr Hyde as an animal.   Links with Darwin as it suggest Mr Hyde is a primitive man
      • 'Audibly Shattered'
        • Conveys the strength and violence of Mr Hyde from the verb Shattered.  The horrific details come from the reader understanding the pain Carew must have been in.


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