Jekyll & Hyde- Enfield, Guest, Carew & the women

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  • Enfield, Carew, Guest and the women
    • Who are they?
      • Enfield-Utterson’s cousin and friend
      • Carew- a well known MP and gentleman
      • Guest-an expert in handwriting
      • Women- maidservant at Carew’s murder, & H’s housekeeper
    • What are they like?
      • Enfield- common sense
        • ‘a man does not, in real life, walk into a cellar door at four in the morning’
      • Carew-perfect gentleman
        • ‘innocent and old world kindness’
      • The women Maid- weak
        • ‘the maid fainted’
      • H’s housekeeper-evil
        • ‘She had an evil face’


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