Jekyll & Hyde - Dr Lanyon

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  • Dr Lanyon
    • End
      • "I felt bound to do as he requested"
        • Lanyon is presented as loyal, accepting to do Jekylls' deed, however it is probably due to him being a gentlemen rather than friendship.
      • "my soul sickened"
        • Lanyons reaction to Jekylls' secret was dominated by fear, possibly because of his morals or religious beliefs.
    • Beginning
      • "hearty, healthy, dapper, red-faced gentleman"
        • The quote could suggest that Lanyon is sociable to other people, but is mainly used for Stevenson to contrast Lanyon between Chapter 2 and Chapter 6.
      • "unscientific balderdash"
        • Lanyon doesn't like Jekyll because of him researching mythical science, that would conflict with social and religious ideals.
    • Middle
      • "I liked it; yes, sir, I used to like it"
        • The reader finds out the extend of Lanyons shock , discovering that is life threatening.  He knows that he is going to die because of the horrible secret he has found.
      • "I have had a shock," he said, "and I shall never recover"
        • Stevenson makes Lanyon's death dramatic and shocking to the reader, as only extreme cases of shock can hurt someone, let alone kill a person.


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