Jekyll and Hyde Context

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  • Jekyll & Hyde Context
    • Victorian England
      • London, where this novel is based, was filled with poverty and    homelessness
      • This novel presents an image of wealthy, professional people living in london. These people either condemn or ignore the poverty
      • The transformation of Jekyll into Hyde showed the underbelly of city life in England.
      • It is also made clear that issues such as drug abuse and prostitution exist because Jekyll spends his money on these things
    • Victorian Values
      • The people at this time had a strict code of moral and social conduct. Their reputation meant everything to them
      • Many middle class and upper class victorians lived their lives by a set of values, some were happy to do so but some had to repress the desire to not to
      • Dr.Jekyll is used by Stevenson to show that not all victorians lived like this and for many it was just a surface appearance to hide their moral behaviour
    • Science & Evolution
      • In the 19th century science saw many changes. Stevenson draws on this to make Jekyll's transformation into Hyde seem more realistic
      • Stevenson references darwins theory of evolution when describing Jekyll and Hyde
    • Gothic Horror
      • This novel was a modern version of the gothic genre.
      • The novels describes strange events in a contemporary setting therefore making it a gothic horror


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