Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 6

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 6
    • "his past was unearthed... and all disreputable"
      • Hydes' past actions goes against Victorian society.
    • "evil inflence"
      • Hyde's influence is evil and that is why they hall have a distaste for life.
    • "he had his death-warrant written legibly upon is face..."
      • Lanyon is going to die. The use of legal term means it is absolute.
    • "the rosy man had grown plae; his flesh had fallen away"
      • Lanyon's sick appearance now contrasts to previous description.
    • "Lanyon declared himself a doomed man"
      • Due to his lack of belief, Lanyon has lead himself to his own death.
    • "I have had a shock and I shall never recover..."
      • Lanyon is intolerant to what he has witnessed. Lanyon knows he cannot comprehend what he has witnessed.
    • "I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also"
      • Jekyll has realised what he has done and understand only he can deal with it in his letter to Utterson.
    • "he condemned the fear as a disloyalty, and broke the seal"
      • Utterson is willing to go against his friends words to protect those he cares about


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