Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 5

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  • Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 5
    • "light falling dimly through the foggy cupola"
      • Description of Jekyll's laboratory. Reference to Utterson's mind
    • "dust windows barred with iron"
      • Links in with Jekyll being a "disconsolate prisoner"
    • "Dr Jekyll looking dedly sick..."
      • He appears to be physically deteriorating
    • "I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world"
      • Jekyll promosing Utterson that he will have nothing to do with Hyde again. Swears on his honour but breaks it later
    • "The fog still slept on the wing above the drowned city"
      • Repetition of the fog. Gothic setting
    • "the lamp glimmered like carbuncles"
      • Description of London. Clever of the gem which is red in colour




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